It is a hot Saturday morning and you can't wait to quell your hunger with your favorite food. You go to your usual waakye joint and there is a long queue. To compound this problem, you realize that the one serving today is very slow.

Or worse, you get to the stand and realize that the waakye seller did not show up. You must find an alternative because you are hungry now.

Frustrated, upset, hungry and angry and now you need to find a new place to eat. And compromise for an alternative, regardless of the inferior quality.

The same can be said about your Internet.

Do websites take forever to load?

Do downloads take a "lifetime" to access?

Are there intermittent breaks in your Internet access despite your pressing deadlines?

Does your Internet package expire without you understanding what you actually accomplished. Or the amount of data you bought for the week?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then Lagatos is the answer to your problems. Lagatos is a data-centric IoT technology company providing you with a suite of tools. To help make your daily life easier to manage online. Lagatos gives learners and professionals the ability to get more use from the Internet.

No longer, the days of 1GB of data and not being able to shop on Amazon or Jumia. Or getting your questions answered on Stackoverflow. And endless data top off. To get one more minute of Internet access.

Would you like to be part of the new digital revolution?

Try Lagatos!

Available on Windows and macOS.

To get started, email or complete the form below. And tell us how you feel about your Internet data. Could be a love story, or a hate story. Could be long, could be short. It’s your story, so it’s up to you.

We’ll only use your email address to send an invite to Lagatos, not for future marketing or sales. We’ll never sell or trade your name or email. This list will be deleted. Once everyone on the list has been invited. If your story is great, and we’d like to share it broadly. We’ll send you an email back asking your permission before publishing anything. Promise.