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Get paid to do, what you do the most.

Browse the Internet.

Download the Lagatos Browser & get started in minutes!

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How it works

Download & install the Lagatos browser. Start earning in minutes.


1. Browse the Internet

Public web files get saved (seeded) in a folder in the background as you browse.

2. Buffer content

Saved content is accessed from the folder by others in your community securely and anonymously at a faster rate.

3. Get paid

You get paid for downloads or views of content shared from your folder.

Earn money, not rewards.

Get a payment for downloads and views of content from your computer.

Payments are based on the length of time people are connected to your public folder and the size of the files exchanged.

Receive payment in USD denomination to your digital wallet. Then spend and transfer your earnings without limits.


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Only need an email address to get started
5 USD/month or 50 USD/year
Cancel or restart anytime with no hassle
14-day trial included
No credit card required